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Merchant Help

How do I add my site?

There are a number of ways to add your information to AusPricesTM.
  • Data Feed (tab delimited file). This is the fastest and most accurate mechanism. This allows the most flexibility to enter your products. Such products can be uploaded into AusPricesTM at any time of the day, and multiple times per day if you wish. Please Contact Us for details on the datafeed.
  • Grab from your web site. We have a fairly sophisticated system that can parse your web site automatically. Information is currently gathered twice per day. Not all sites will be able to make use if this feature. In this case, a Data Feed will be required. (We are currently too busy to add new sites this way.).
  • Email Feed (available on request only). This feature is intended for retailers that don't have an on-line presence. You can email us your catalog, and we will enter it into AusPricesTM. The is the same as the Data Feed above.

What info do you need from a merchant?

It's not neccessary to send us any information, but if you could send us the following information, we'd appreciate it. If you are using a data feed, this information is required. Please use the Contact Form.
  • Short Name: eg MyStore.
  • Long Name: eg MyStore Pty Ltd (your official name).
  • Merchant URL: Your home page.
  • Sales Email.
  • Support Email (can be the same as the sales email).
  • Phone.
  • Fax.
  • 88x31 non-animated GIF image to use for your site. This should be a high quality image. We may choose not to include your image.
  • Address of your stores (if you have any physical presence).

How do I make my items match your products?

The best way to match your item to our product is to include the Manufacturer name and Model into your description. However, if you don't have that information, we also try to look at the description to match your item to our products. This can lead to mismatches.

If you find an item that matches an incorrect product, or an item that is not matched to an existing product when it should be, please Contact Us straight away.

If you have lots of problems with mismatches, we recommend you use the Data Feed.

You have a category xyz, and so do we, but our items are not there.

Sometimes categories are missed for one reason or other. To add the category, please Contact Us, and give us the name of the category, and the URL of the category.

Some products are missing a model, what does this mean?

This is caused by any of the following:
  • We have been unable to find the model number for the product. (This is true for some of the CPU's and SoundCards.) Over time, we will fill in this information, but if you have it already, you can email it to us if you like.
  • The item actually matches multiple products. We will fill in this information over time, and when we do, the product number will change. (This is particularly true in the Video Card section).

Can I make your bot visit my website more/less frequently?

Yes. Just send Contact Us, and we can adjust the number of times per day, and the frequency that the pages are retrieved. The default is once per day, and one page every 5 seconds. You may sometimes notice the bot coming around more than once in a day, this can happen when features are added to the site.

You get some prices, but not all on a page. Why?

In many cases this is because you have a "strike out" price. For example you have the old price and the new better price. This usually requires a manual fix to make sure it gets the right one. Just let us know here and we'll take care of it.

How do I remove my site?

AusPricesTM is a search engine, and as such, if you want us, and other search engines to stop indexing your site, you should use the robots.txt file in your web server home directory. Here is a Tutorial.

Still having trouble? Contact Us.

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